Clothing to sense the passing of time

UES products produce various looks,
together with each person's lifestyle,
with faded colors, unraveled threads, and wrinkles,
from cloths being loved and continually worn.
It becomes your partner, a one-of-a-kind friend
that allows you to fully sense the passing of time.


Represented in our 5pocket denim, UES' products are not finished when new, but rather only just being to be complete once our customers begin to wear them. Our job is to select ageing, beautiful, high quality materials, and transform those through sewing into a durable form that customers can continue to wear, as long as possible.that also involves making customer. Clothing engraved by many days of damage from wrinkles, fading, and dirt. Rather than giving in to trends, we continue to offer to keep your memories with denim.


Western shirts, different from chambray shirts and a symbol of the old American west. Through friction from repeated wearing and washing, the elbows, shoulders, hems and other easily worn areas fade to white, while the other areas retain a deep indigo. The area around the shoulder also fades from sunlight, but the inner arm area doesn't change much from when it was brand new. the same indigo is expressed in a beautiful gradation with different tints of blue. As days and months pass, you become more attached, and before long, you take on the rough aura characteristic of this American casual style.


Flannel shirts are a classic of an American casual style, and while made from a heavyweight fabric that you can feel from one touch, the slightly raised inner fabric feels soft like it's wrapping up your body when worn. The colors of the directly dyed yarn naturally fade, so you can sense the ageing, just like with denim. The heavy fabric is made with a rolled seam, which requires practiced techniques. Durability was improved by literally chaining the fabric together with chain stitching. After all, work shirts have to be strong.


A line of cell phone cases developed before smartphones were around. The belt loop is made from the same denim as the case, and can easily be attached and detached with the snap button. There are many size and shape variations in this line, so you can use it in many ways, carrying your smartphone or other small personal items, key, a coin case, or cigarettes. Denim starts off new and transforms into unique looks when worn daily, so you can enjoy overlapping and faded colors, like in the picture.


With its great texture, linen was added to the weft of these chambray shirts. At first, feel the characteristic comfortable feeling of linen. The softness of the texture increases at the some time as the colors gradually fade from wearing and washing. The ageing is quite obvious from this picture. From the new shirt on the left, you can see the indigo blue slowly fading to a saxe blue in the most worn shirt on the right. Avoiding trends, you grow fond of each item the more you wear it, and it will be something you will keep in your wardrobe for sure.


Our still very popular denim hat. The brim of the hat is wrapped in a check pattern with a separate fabric, so when the denim on the surface tears, the check pattern shows through. Eylet Work ventilation holes were made with a vintage Singer 99W67 sewing machine. By using this mechanically driven sewing machine, produced close to 100 years ago, warmth is added that can't be produced by modern day computer-driven sewing machines. Worn at a pace of 5 times per week, washing the cap each time creates an impressive look. It goes without saying that this will become a must-have item as a supporting role for an American casual style.


Original chino pants, made from the highest quality organic Zimbabwe cotton, harvested in the African highlands without using any chemicals. Weaving is done using treasured, old-fashioned shuttles. Although productivity may be low, weaving without excess tension creates an appealing fabric with depth that doesn't detract from the original texture of the thread. Reactive dyes that fade to similar colors are used in the thread dying process. By wearing these pants, the texture increases, and the colors become enriched. At the very least, you can survive with a pair of our 5pocket denim pants and these chino pants.


A deck jacket is worn by a crew on a Navy ship. We use the same 14.9oz original fabric used for our standard jeans. Woven tightly with thick thread, you can enjoy the harshly faded colors resembling a man of the sea when worn. And as a result of closely testing each of the materials, the jacket can be washed at home as is. No need to delicately handle this jacket. You can enjoy the blue gradation by draping it from clothes made with jersey cloth or pairing it with a chambray shirt, which ought to naturally make you want to more. We hope you can experience faded colors similar to denim.


Anklet socks, with charming variations in 10 colors, supported by many customers and ranked equally with our plain boot socks #860751. Because these socks are made with 75% quick-drying and moisture-absorbing linen, they are more comfortable to wear. We've also twisted 5 threads into a single, characteristic thick thread. As there are few knitting machines capable of working with these thick threads, there is a high rarity value to these socks as products. Best of all, twisting the threads allows for brilliant colors. We hope you can get many colors and choose one that fits your style and mood each day.


We start our approach from original thread making, like mixing organic cotton with Desi cotton, incredibly flexible cotton made with thick fibers, Desi cotton fibers are too short, so it can't be used on it's own We overcame any defects by blending it with environmentally friendly organic cotton that has a great texture. The tough texture of shirts made from this bland are exactly what you want - wear it and wash it in all seasons and it still keeps its shape. We hope you can fully enjoy the best ageing, with fading color and the gradually peeling off the front of shirts.


We generously use solid, thick leather that can only be made from large, old adult cattle. Just like humans, living a long time naturally means getting injured. these scars are part of the beauty of leather, and it becomes even more beautiful if you consider it a sign of a long life. It begs to be appreciated. Using it for many years causes the once-firm leather to become soft, with the color becoming deeper at the some time. Of course, the harder you use it, the more it will scuff, but that in and of itself is part of the real charm of leather items - it tolerates tough usage.


    A combo of denim and leather, essential materials at UES. Each material allows you to experience natural ageing, and as the ageing is different for each, the contrast gets better with time. Specifically, chrome tanning was applied to the leather border on the sides, giving a moist texture that almost clings to the hand. And we hope you will notice the sewing, as well. The carefully cut leather and denim are stitched together by the handiwork of skilled artisans. Throw your jingling coins in a coin case, and use the wallet even longer.


    4 types of leather are combined: soft, easy-to-hold leather for the main body, hard leather for the belt loop, differently colored accent leather for the back of the main body, and familiar oiled leather for the parts featuring the brand name, Even with the same brow leather, there are many variation and big differences due to where it's used and how it's tanned. The more it is used, the more depth is attained for each part, making an even more striking contrast. Stronger than cotton, it can be used everyday just like a tool.


    Even though we call it a cigarette case, you can use it any way you want. The indigo of the hickory stripe will transform into an unexpected look the more you use it. By the time you begin to notice, it is often more worn than you would expect, but as use it even more, it becomes an inseparable partner. The reproduced vintage slider that becomes the "fave" of the product and the emblem using cotton thread for the embroidery as much as possible also bring out a character on the same level as indigo fabric. You can enjoy graceful ageing, as the cotton thread fades without sheen.


    Since brass is softer and easier to process than iron, it has been popular for a long time as a material for various products. It is a material that shows a beautiful transformation, different from denim or leather. At UES, our products are made to purposefully rust easily, by avoiding any kind of plating. We want you to be able to enjoy an antique-like transformation by using these products as daily items, rather than as special items. Use them freely, as a shelf handle or to hang something from a nail just like in the picture. there you can hang denim or a bag. It may be small, bud because it's so practical, it succeeds in producing an open space.


Our standard product, produced since our foundation and updated many times. Through 15 years of production, we often discover items that are well-used and well-loved items by our customers. We have always valued texture, using cotton for the zipper tape initially, but currently we use stronger materials to improve durability. Added functionality without changing the way it looks. A day pack that evolves based on customer feedback, together with UES. We continue to develop this pack as one of many items that express our brand identity.